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 By looking at the images at left, you or you may know someone who suffers from some type of similar skin ailment.  People with one or any combination of these conditions normally are self conscious when out in public. For example always wearing a hat or scarf to hide the flakes or areas of blemish on their skin. 

 Your skin is your body's largest organ and your body spends great expense at defending it from infections; however, your skin is also like a window into your overall health.  The skin is also a short cut method for ridding the body of its toxins. Sure we urinate but after it has passed thru the kidneys, and we cough up and spit, but usually after it accumulated in the lung. Cellular waste and infectious bacteria made inert by the blood (lymphatic system) is carried thru the skin to its surface. Unfortunately the skin harbors everything from viruses up to near microscopic plants and animals that thrive on this waste or can make the inert infectious again. Your immune system may be weakened by 1/3rd and that makes it harder for the body to defend against getting sick from colds or the flu.  If a person have a weakened immune due to HIV or other chronic ailment then having a serious skin condition can lead to life threatening situation.

 Better than 99% of adults have the Human Papilloma Virus and 99% of adults have facial mites as well, and just as many carry the fungus spores that causes dandruff. Its just that most people can handle it without obvious skin reactions.  But then there are the small percentage that don't. That number of the population is estimated between 5% to 25% and that is potentially a staggering number of sufferers of some facial skin disorder. Shingles skin rash is caused by the opportunistic chicken pox virus waiting to make its presence known when the immune system is running on low reserve.

 Everyone has dandruff, well, everyone loses their skins outermost layer. Normally it takes one month for new skin cells to be made, and the outermost flakes away as a fine dust.  Mostly this skin becomes trapped on our clothes and into our bedding, or washed away when we shower and towel ourselves dry.  The condition of dandruff is when usually a fungal yeast infests into the skin in areas of hair.  At this time the new skin is being produced at a rate of less than a week.  So 5 times as much skin is flaking off at the affected area.  That means the hair will always tend to have flakes but necessarily no sores or moist spots.  However if you have an infestation of parasites or microbes, along with an auto-immune response and the dandruff causing yeast then your skin may be building on a layer every day or several hours. That means your skin is rebuilding itself 50x at the rate of normal all the while trying to fight the spread of the infection. 

  Dandruff is minor in comparison. On a scale of 1 to 10 dandruff is only a 1 or 2 maybe. Seborrheic dermatitis can span the entire range.  Its like the whole area of the skin is constantly bleeding with very little red blood but with the clear part of blood forming a giant scab that either falls away daily after the area is washed clean or build up to thick grainy scabs after a period of some weeks especially in the hair. Being tender headed or soft scalped is associated, because the skin under the hair is a big open sore or ulcer.  If you were to wear a hat (not allowing the scalp to breath) after just a couple of days you'll be greeted with a loud foul odor like that of  rottening cheese.

 So will Canute Water permanently cure my dandruff? In a way yes and no. Its like saying a cure for the flu will stop the symptoms when you have it and you'll never get another flu in life, but realistically you'll have to be vaccinated for the various strains.  Dermatitis is a bit different as it can be an auto immune response that happens to take place on your head. Canute Water will help alleviate the symptoms i.e. the flaking itching and oozing, as long as it is used regularly.

 How does it work?  Seborrheic Dermatitis, Psoriasis and lichen planus are not fully understood as there are a full array of things that may cause it but most likely its an autoimmune disorder.  Canute Water is an antiseptic and astringent. When Canute Water gets on the inflamed skin, it combines with and shut off broken blood and lymph vessels. Canute Water also gets into pores and hair follicles where it then releases its nano copper to destroy viruses, flesh eating bacteria and fungal spores. Its astringent properties closes the pores and stretch the skin this prevents parasitic habitation and allows the skin to heal itself. 

 Let Dry: When applying Canute Water make sure areas of skin folds are dry. That can be the sides of the nostrils, the upper part behind the ears and skin folds behind the head.  If you sweat, be sure to keep the areas where Canute Water was applied dry. If you are an active person such as exercising you should shower or wash after that activity. You may apply it day or at night before sleep and it can be applied after bathing. Use cotton swab to apply to the ears.  Do not allow to get deep into ear canals, or into the eyes.

Precautions?  Canute Water or its dried ingredients are of low toxicity, it has a very unpleasant taste.  Do not use around other metal objects. If Canute Water comes in contact with a metal such as a metal comb, rinse it off immediately. Run plenty of water down your drain if used by the sink.  Septic systems must be recharged with microorganisms if allowed to go into a septic tank.  Canute Water may stain those with light colored skin and with deep pores. It will also stain most fabrics and cloths. To clean clothes stained blue by Canute Water, pretreat with ammonia. One should use one dedicated rag/towel when applying Canute Water as the cloth will become stained. 

 CANUTE + UV is powerful. Approximately 2 times per day Canute Water should be applied to the affected areas and onto the scalp and well massaged.  An amount reserved for swabbing over the face including the ears, nose, beard and eyebrows. Safe to use on the skin:  Immediately Canute Water goes to work and it will be felt on the affected areas.  The results are immediate also.  In 3 to 5 minutes after initial application, the second phase of action occurs.  The skin will dry up shortly after application. Using the UV wand hover the light over the areas where Canute Water was applied for 15 seconds.

 What side effects?  Canute Water is safe to use and is of low toxicity. Canute Water will also stain dead skin matter turning it green or blue. The sores or wet patches of skin usually don't discolor but as the scabs formed they will discolor after another application.   Since Canute Water is based on copper, if you believe you have allergic reaction to copper, do not use.  Canute Water does not contain silver, nickel, or zinc. UV light wand should not be used more than 15 seconds per area of skin per treatment.  The UV light can cause sunburn effect.




For External Use Only

Do Not Take Internally

Keep from the eyes

Do Not Use On Deep Wounds or Cuts

Do Not let UV light contact the surface of the eyes.

Keep Out of Reach of Children

                                  Drug Facts
Active Ingredients:
Copper Iodide 0.01%...................Bactericide, Virucide 
Vitriol Blue 0.3%..........................Antiseptic, Astringent
Methyl Salicylic 0.3%.....................................Analgesic

Other Ingredients: isopropyl alcohol, acetic acid, water, origanum vulgare, thymol, menthol, cinnamaldehyde, glycerine.   


Why Canute Water + UV?

Since there are literally hundreds of reasons one may have a skin reaction, Canute Water gets to the root of the problem. ...And that is healing.

Biting animals, venomous snakes, spiders, stinging insects and jelly fish. Poison ivy, mold and fungal spores. Skin mites, scabies, and lice. Measles, chicken pox or the flu. Ringworm, gut flora, allergy. Chemicals, foods, medication, HIV, cellulitis, rosacea, eczemas . Sunlight or the lack of, smog, unbalanced diet, carbohydrates and proteins, and vitamin intake and genetics. - The list of triggers is endless but what is common is your immune system turns against your skin and it doesn't forget that its not suppose to.